Thank you very much for inquiring about our sports performance training center. We realize that you have many choices available when it comes to your sports training options and we’d like to take the time to thank you for allowing us to present some information concerning our business.

We know what it's like having young athletes in competitive sports and the multitude of options and influences presented to you as a parent. Today, there are just so many programs and so many opportunities and such little time each week. Trust us, we've seen a lot in this industry over the past 18 years, good and bad. And as a fellow parent of several young athletes, we know you want to make the best decision for your athlete and give them the skills and ability to succeed in their sport.

Having been personally involved in this sports performance market since 1998, we have became increasingly frustrated at the poor standards in our industry. Quite simply, we recognized the substandard coaching qualifications of owners and staff at most gyms, big box/big name fitness clubs where sales numbers are more important than member results, the "experts" who charge "an arm and a leg" for youth athletes to work in their program; good training programs and qualified instruction are almost impossible to find.

We set out to create a solution for these problems. And we did.

We believe we have the best sports performance training facility in the area with the most attentive and knowledgeable staff, the most cutting edge training methods, and a clean, comfortable and fully equipped facility. You won’t find a more qualified or highly motivated sports performance training team anywhere. We also believe we offer many services none of the other fitness businesses in the area offer, such as our Sports Injury Clinic, our Concussion Management Program and our customized program development team.

But we also know that talk is cheap, and every owner will tell you that he or she is proud of the gyms they own, and that member results are very important to them.

What truly sets us apart from the rest of the gyms in the area is that we are the only sports performance facility you can experience before you make a commitment. You can come in and meet with one of our Sports Performance Coaches for a strategy session, become a member for 14 days, and see if the Athlete's Zone is the right fit for you without any obligation.

More importantly – we are the only sports performance facility whose sole focus is not on membership numbers – but on our members’ results. So come in and you’ll meet with a qualified sports performance coach – we don’t have salespeople; meet our staff and decide for yourself. If we’re not up to your standards, if we’re not the best option for you, then don’t become a member. It’s that simple.

This also means that our gym is not for everyone in the sporting community. If you are looking for results and you appreciate quality, then we’re for you. If price is your deciding factor, you won’t find us competing for your business, that's not how we operate. We really do feel we are the best, we provide elite level services at a reasonable price and we’re worth it.

You can reach us by phone at 905-602-5510, email us here, or stop by and visit us in person to set up your free Athlete's Zone Strategy Session and get started on your 14-day trial membership.

Thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to personally meeting you.

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Jim Reeves & the Athlete's Zone Team

Jim Reeves