The on-ice program for the 2004 and younger athlete is primarily constructed to emphasize basic skills, techniques and tons of repetition of the drills to ensure each athlete is mastering the posture, hand and stick positioning, striding, glide position and transfer of body weight in an efficient manner as possible.

Each group session is limited to just 16 skaters being coached by two instructors.

As the group sessions listed fill up to capacity, additional session times will be added so check back often to get the most updated schedule of session times available.

Day of the Week   Session #     Ice Time
      Ice Time
       Program Title Lead Instructor
Monday  50 6:00pm   5:00pm   Stickhandling & Individual Puck Skills Session Joe Venuto
Tuesday  51 6:00pm   5:00pm   Technical Skating Skills Session James Richmond
Wednesday  52 6:15pm   5:00pm   Offensive Skills & Strategies Session Joe Venuto
Thursday  53 6:30pm   5:00pm   Defenseman Specific Skills & Strategies Session
James Richmond