In our top level program, these sessions are only available to athletes who have signed a professional contract, an NCAA/CIS commitment or an active OHL contract. Instruction will be catered to the highest level so that you can take your game where it needs to go.

We will approach these sessions with the idea of a developing a slight edge. By improving an already top level athlete, even by just a small margin may make the difference in your game you were looking for. So we don't need to reinvent the wheel with you, but we do need to make sure you have that edge on your competition.

Each group session is limited to just 16 skaters, coached by two instructors. The program is in July and August only. Ice sessions will be primarily run out of Westwood Arena with five of the seven weeks located there. For the weeks of August 1 to 4th and August 15th to 18th, ice sessions will be run out of Powerade Centre in Brampton.

As the group sessions listed fill up to capacity, additional session times will be added so check back often to get the most updated schedule of session times available.

Day of the Week Session #   Ice Time
       Ice time
        Program Title Lead Instructor
Monday 1 not available
  10:30am   Stickhandling & Individual Puck Skills Joe Venuto
Tuesday 2 not available   11:00am   Technical Skating Skills James Richmond
not available
not available
  Stickhandling & Individual Puck Skills
Defenseman Specific Skills & Strategies
Joe Venuto
James Richmond