Athlete's Zone's Nutrition Coaching Program

Powered by Precision Nutrition's proven nutrition coaching program.

As a Certified Precision Nutrition Coach, Athlete's Zone has partnered with Precision Nutrition to offer our athletes an unprecedented access to this extraordinary online coaching program. ProCoach is a twelve month program, during which we will take you through the steps necessary to make long term changes to your nutritional habits.

ProCoach is a fully-integrated online platform designed to simplify every aspect of your nutritional education and lifestyle change.

Program Details

  • An entire year of steady lifestyle modifications add up to a remarkable & lasting improvement in your health & performance.
  • An integrated & systemic approach to optimizing your nutrition & exercise habits, one day at a time.
  • Real-time tracking of your progress by your personal Athlete's Zone nutrition coach, Jim Reeves, for your support & guidance.
  • Scientifically-proven, habit-based strategies improved the health of 45,000+ Precision Nutrition clients over the last 10 years.
  • The necessary time to focus on & implement each & every lifestyle habit built into the curriculum (two weeks per habit).
  • Daily, structured, bite-sized lessons, videos, & activities guide as you implement practical skills throughout the program.
  • An intuitive & convenient online user interface that makes getting healthier easier, not more difficult.
  • Everything you need to document your progress throughout this program is in your personalized, secure, online portal.
  • All the knowledge, tools, & skills you need to reshape every aspect of your lifestyle including; hydration, sleep habits, stress management, mind frame, trouble-shooting, not to mention your relationship & understanding of the food you choose to eat.
  • There is  - literally - nothing else out there like Precision Nutrition's ProCoach Online Nutrition Coaching Program.

Click on the links below to find out more information:

                     ProCoach video for women                                                            ProCoach video for men

                     ProCoach curriculum for women                                                            ProCoach curriculum for men

Program Pricing:

               For Athletes Registered With AZ                                            For Athletes Not Registered With AZ

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Additional Notes:
  1. Precision Nutrition's Client Coaching Program is offered by Precision Nutrition and their coaches. While their program uses the ProCoach Software too, Precision Nutrition Inc. coaching is only offered twice a year to a limited number of registrants and is priced at over $225/month for clients who register directly with them. You cannot join at any time with Precision Nutrition, you must wait until the next time they run a program to register.
  2. Athlete's Zone allows you to register for our ProCoach based coaching program, the exact same online coaching platform that Precision Nutrition uses, at anytime in the year. We do not have any set registration deadline for registering with us.
  3. Athlete's Zone is not a partner or an employee of Precision Nutrition Inc., nor are we a subsidiary of the company. The Athlete's Zone Inc holds a license to use Precision Nutrition's proprietary ProCoach Software for use with our registered clientele. The Athlete's Zone Inc. has the permission to use any documents or links with our clients related to the proper implementation of the ProCoach Program under this license for the purpose of supporting its ProCoach Nutrition Program Coaching efforts.
  4. Athlete's Zone offers a 100% guarantee of the services we provide. If, before thirty-one days from registration, you are not satisfied with any services we provide for you under this contract, we will refund your initial payment and only charge you for the daily use fee of $5.13 for the service you have registered for and personally used thus far. Once the initial thirty-one days have been completed though, all contracts are locked in to the full twelve month payment schedule, regardless of a clients use of the services over these twelve months unless the client registers a service complaint or request for refund before the initial thirty-one days have been completed. Requests for refunds or complaints can be sent to
  5. Precision Nutrition offers financial rewards for it's members in it's coaching program. Registrations to the Athlete's Zone Inc. ProCoach Nutrition Coaching Program do not qualify for any Precision Nutrition Inc. financial incentives. Sorry, the PN program has independent rewards programs for their company, there is no cross-over of rewards for any Athlete's Zone Registered Clients.
  6. If you have any questions about the ProCoach Nutrition Program through Athlete's Zone, please send any inquires to and we will handle your concerns as soon as possible.