Team Training

The Athlete's Zone welcomes teams and small groups into our facility to access our sports performance services. Team training allows the members of the team to attend our facility at a significantly reduced rate as compared to the individual sport programs. There are many ways that teams use this service, whether it is to establish a weekly in-season training schedule, create team bonding in the off-seasons, add to their pre-season training camp agenda or use as a periodic team building session throughout the season. 
Working with two coaches, the team performs structured workouts which are designed to emphasize the development of athletic skills, strength, power development, flexibility and conditioning in the athletes. Sessions are usually booked for an hour for those athletes thirteen and under, with teams composed of older athletes finding that the ninety minute sessions are better suited for their athletes. 
Teams can book as many sessions as they want with The Athlete's Zone and all sessions are prepaid in reasonable increments to allow teams to budget accordingly. Any teams who book more than fifteen sessions receive a special discount applied to their sessions. All team bookings are handled directly by The Athlete's Zone staff and scheduled according to facility and team availability.