It’s one thing to be involved in lessons where someone shows you some tips to improve your skating ability. It’s a completely different experience when the head skating instructor of an NHL team is there to teach and work directly with you to improve your skating technique.

That’s what we have done: Athlete’s Zone has brought in the skating skills coach for the LA Kings, James Richmond, to work with our players this summer and bring professional instruction and techniques to the ice sessions we are hosting. We are excited to bring James on-board and work with our athletes, giving them a real NHL caliber skills coach to help them develop this off-season.

Particular focus will be placed on a player’s skating posture, glide leg positioning, edge usage, foot placement and stride during pivoting, transition posture, front to back blade pressure during striding and turns and of course upper body positioning, coordination and stick positioning. One of the strengths of James is the ability to personalize the instruction based on the ability level of the athlete he is working with and these sessions will give our athletes the opportunity to work directly with an NHL level coach to improve their game.

Again, Athlete’s Zone only knows how to do things professionally; and we know we are bringing one of the best in the industry to the table for our athletes this summer with our Technical Skating Skills Session.

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